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Real Estate Conveyancing Services in North Vancouver

Andrea D. Johnson, Notary Public is here to help clients who need real estate conveyancing services in North Vancouver. This is the process of legally conveying the property from one owner to another owner.


What Makes a Conveyancer Useful to Property Transfer?

Real estate is a static and permanent investment that you make as you can’t move it or destroy it. It is a valuable commodity and when you take a loan from a bank by mortgaging your real estate property, there will always be an interest, even if you default. After a stipulated period, banks are legally allowed to sell their property stake in order to recover their money.

A conveyancer comes into the picture to make sure that a property transfer, in this case, happens without delays due to legal technicalities.

I will make sure that nothing impedes the smooth progress of the process, such as caveats or covenants. When you are buying or selling property, it is important to have someone act for you during this process. As this is a stressful time for you, I will do my best to make this process as simple as possible. My services in real estate conveyancing also include guiding you through the formalities of the transaction, after I have made a proper assessment of your unique expectations and requirements. I shall also document the legal aspects and steps before communicating those to the appropriate parties.



When selling your property, I will communicate with the Notary or lawyer for your purchaser and will review the various documents including the Vendor's Statement of Adjustments and prepare the Order to Pay. If you have a charge such as a mortgage or line of credit registered against your title, I will arrange to pay out and discharge it from the sale proceeds.



When you are purchasing a property, I will prepare the necessary documents needed to convey the property to you. In addition, if you are obtaining a mortgage, I will also prepare those documents for you and the lender. Additionally, if you need legal advice and arrangements for estate planning to secure you and your family’s future, you can rely on me to assist.


Mortgage or Refinance

If you already own your property, you might need a Notary when you are refinancing your current mortgage or obtaining a second mortgage. The lender will provide me with the mortgage instructions, and I will prepare the necessary documents and will register the new mortgage at the Land Title Office. I will also pay out any debts as instructed.

Please call me or visit me at my office for any real estate conveyancing need in North Vancouver.


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